Tear out Your Heart – CD Album – USA Version: $14.95 + $5 shipping


Tear out Your Heart – CD Album USA Version


Tear out Your Heart – CD Album

10 Song Album all written and sung by Marie Hopkinson

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Track listing
01 Tear out Your Heart
02 Torches of Freedom
03 Time in Your Hands
04 Waves Colliding
05 Seasons
06 Not Wrong
07 The World Still Needs You
08 Freedom ‘aint Free
09 Sometimes
10 You Got a Power

Produced & recorded by Rob Agostini, Soundbaker studio Perth WA / All songs written by Marie Hopkinson except Waves Colliding, The World Still Needs You and You Got a Power written by Marie Hopkinson & Rob Agostini

vocals: Marie Hopkinson // Guitars & Bass Rob Agostini

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