marie hopkinson

singer - songwriter

About Marie Hopkinson

Marie Hopkinson is a singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia. Marie Hopkinson is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. 

Marie’s love of music started at age 4, when she used to beg her mum to learn violin after watching the ABC Orchestra come on each day after Sesame Street. Marie’s musical passion grew in childhood and she was admitted to Perth Modern School on a Music Scholarship. 

Marie has most recently worked with producer and songwriter, Robert Agostini (Soundbaker Studios) who’s worked with hundreds of artists including Dido, Ronan Keating and The Panics. 

Marie has played in many venues across WA from HBF Stadium and Joondalup Festival,  Cinema Paradiso, Shoe Bar Northbridge, South Perth Yacht Club, to local artisan intimate settings like Chapels on Whatley. 

Mid 2020 Marie decided to connect her music to the world, working with Rob Mac from Startup CBA. Rob is responsible for bringing singing sensation, Thomas Cameron, a young English Tenor to the forefront of his genre and building a large global fanbase. 

In the past there years, Marie has been building a rapidly growing social media audience, and worldwide awareness of her music is growing quickly. Marie’s Facebook following has over 12,000 engaged fans, and a growing awareness on Spotify.

Out of that came many radio interviews including English speaking Spanish station, Heart 106fm Malaga.


Marie Hopkinson has released a series of melodic singles that deliver sublime arrangements and meaningful lyrics. Her music is totally heartfelt and her vocals are deeply passionate. - Ralph Beauchamp, A Man's Playlist, UK

Marie produces some of the most cleverly crafted pieces that are so easy to play in any radio show. What is one of the greatest things is Marie's music cannot be described in any one genre. Keep on doing girl and we will keep playing your music”

Lee Jay, Heart 106FM Malaga (Spain)

In February 2020, the first single “Time in Your Hands” was released and was very well received.

Since its release, Time in Your Hands has received an overwhelming positive response. The music video has has over 1 Million views on Facebook.
Following the success of the downtempo electronic style, Marie has released her debut album “Tear out Your Heart” in late 2022 which has been well recieved by fans across the world.

Marie has had many radio interviews and plays including English speaking Spanish station, Heart 106fm Malaga, Ocean City Radio UK, RTR Fm (Perth Australia), Insta Radio (Italy), Gippsland FM, Heritage FM 107.3, Bunbury Community Radio 103.7, Happy FM Adelaide, KCRfm Perth and King Island Radio 100.5 to name a few.

Marie also runs music innterview show “The Good Vibes Show” on YouTube, Apple & Spotify, focusing on the mental health aspects of music and the people who make it.

Most recently, Marie collaborated with nu-metal artist Von Spriggan on a song fusing vibes of heavy metal, Radiohead, Portishead and Massive Attack in their song ‘Golden Threads’ Released May 2023.


Marie Hopkinson Acoutic EP


“What a great song, especially in these days! I love it, so meaningful.” – Laurie (Minnesota, USA) 

“Wow, you had me from the first line – where do we belong…thank you Marie, just simply love your work, your song!” – Tony (USA)

“Mesmerising voice. Love it. The song is just fabulous, love it” Gaynor (Wolverhampton, UK)

“Man this song describes what someone I know is going thru right now, and you really don’t know what you can do to help, because they are so independent. Love the song. Its real.” Cathy (USA) 

“This part and time of my journey put into words that I was having trouble expressing. Thank you fellow traveler.” Glynn (Queensland, Australia) 

 Marie Hopkinson has been played on radio stations world wide including Ocean City Radio (UK), Heart 106FM (Spain), Insta Radio (Italy), RTRFM (Perth), Gippsland FM, Heritage FM 107.3, Bunbury Community Radio 103.7, Happy FM Adelaide, KCRfm Perth and King Island Radio 100.5.